How To Title An Essay Complete Guide 2021

Writing an essay is not difficult but there are certain rules and procedures that you must follow to produce a perfect essay. The most important point is to title your essay. The title of an essay is just like the ‘face’ of your work. If you chose the right title for your work, your half of the work is done. It is therefore, important to learn how to title your essay perfectly. In this blog, we’ll discuss about choosing the right title, types of essays, essay writing techniques, and types of essays.

How to choose a perfect Title for an Essay?

The title of an essay must match the theme of it. Therefore, always use a title that summarizes your essay. Some students underuse the convenient tool that is an essay title. These students fail to provide an ideal title. A false or non-specific title will ruin your all hard work. A perfect title will help the reader to understand and believe what the writer is going to discuss ahead.


Below are some hints for choosing a perfect title:

1. Keep in Mind the Role of a Title

One of the great scholars Maxine Hairston and Michael Keene explains the role of the title beautifully, according to them: A title tells about the content and provides a clear picture of it. Moreover, it catches the interest of the reader and compels him to read it with great zeal. It also reflects the tone or slant of the essay. Lastly, it is based on keywords that will help the reader to find it easily on the internet. Keeping in mind all these important functions of the title will help a writer to choose a relevant, specific, and meaningful title.

2. Perfect Title writing Requires Time

Perfect title writing is not easy, it requires revising and brainstorming. You need to practice is hard to become a master at it. You can choose different topics and start writing on them. Once you are done with it, you can go for a perfect title. Keep doing it again and again so that it becomes an easy task for you.

What is a Perfect Title for an Essay?

A perfect title for an essay is a title that is relevant to the theme of the text. Always capitalize all of the words with certain exceptions. Never forget to capitalize the first letter of every word in the title. Don’t capitalize articles, pronouns, prepositions, and conjunctions. If you are struggling with selecting a title of an essay, we are here to help you.